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Man arrested for taking kid hostage at CBSA

Man arrested for taking kid hostage at CBSA 

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A man is facing charges after taking a kid hostage at the Canada Border Services Agency HQ in Edmonton.

On Friday, police were called to the office. They received a report that a man had assaulted a child.

The man was angry and, according to CTV News, made demands to the office staff.

“He doesn’t want to go outside,” said the boy’s mother Siska Mbaisa. “He’s scared of especially men.”

“He doesn’t want to sleep.”

Police received reports that the 27-year old man grabbed the child and threatened him with a sharp object. He has since been charged with assault with a weapon, uttering threats and hostage-taking.

The CBSA said that nobody was injured.

The identity of the perpetrator is undisclosed at this time.

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