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Major Ontario biker gang bust details revealed by OPP
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Major Ontario biker gang bust details revealed by OPP 

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The details of a 14-month investigation into numerous motorcycle gangs throughout the Niagara, Sudbury, and Ottawa area have been released in a press conference Wednesday. 

“Project Skylark” aimed to take down three separate motorcycle gangs—the notorious Hell’s Angels, a subdivision of the Angels called the Red Devils, and the Hooligans—and to root out the gangs’ operation throughout the three cities.

The investigation was made up of eight tactical teams and 200 officers, also executing a total of 18 search warrants. 

The 14-month investigation resulted in 15 people being charged with 195 offences under the controlled substances act. The gangs main focuses were the illegal sale of cocaine, methamphetamines, and fentanyl, a powerful drug which is responsible for many deaths throughout the opioid crisis.

During the raids, officers retrieved:

  • Hundreds of 50 micrograms fentanyl patches valued at $200 per patch
  • 12.5 kilograms of cocaine, with one seizure alone of 11 kilograms valued at over 1 million dollars
  • 2000 meth tablets
  • 12.2 kilograms of cannabis and cannabinoid products
  • $75,000 in Canadian cash
  • 11 firearms
  • 700 rounds of ammunition
  • $30,000 in high-end jewelry
  • Luxury vehicles such as motorcycle Maserati and Mercedes, 
  • A residency in Ottawa.

Of the firearms, eight were illegal, with three being legally obtained but seized for the public’s safety. Six other legal firearms were also seized in Hamilton.

Human trafficking charges have also been laid.

The operation is believed to have completely removed the Hells Angels operations in the Greater Sudbury Area.

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