You can now view a live stream of one of Canada’s most endangered species.

According to a news release by the Northern Spotted Owl Breeding Program (NSO), Canadians can now view a live stream of baby northern spotted owls directly after hatching.

According to the NSO, there are no more than 10 northern spotted owls left in the wild in Canada. The B.C. government projects there are fewer than 4000 left in the world.

This population level is primarily due to habitat loss and increased competition in the wild.

This specific owl species is intolerant of habitat disturbance.

Each nesting pair needs a large amount of land, and “will not migrate unless they experience drastic seasonal changes, such as heavy snows.”

The NSO program takes eggs from a pair in the wild and grows them in safety for 10 days before returning them to the nest.

Adult northern spotted owl

According to their website, there are currently 20 spotted owls residing at the breeding facility, including four breeding pairs.

The program’s target is to house 10 breeding pairs by 2020 and release 10-20 offspring each year for the next 15-20 years. 

If you are interested in supporting the program, you can do so by donating to program or volunteering.

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