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Liberals surge ahead of Conservatives in latest poll
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Liberals surge ahead of Conservatives in latest poll 

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A recent poll released by Nanos shows 36 percent of respondents would vote Liberal, while 30 percent would vote Conservatives. The NDP stands at almost 19 percent, the Greens at eight, the Bloc is at five, and the PPC is at two.

The result comes as a surprise as just a few weeks ago, the numbers were reversed. Conservatives were in the lead with almost a similar margin.

Compared to last week’s results, the Liberals have gained a whopping 1.3 percentage points, while the Conservatives have lost 0.7. The NDP has surged 0.6 percentage points while the Greens, Bloc, and PPC saw a drop of 0.1, 0.5, and 0.1 percentage points respectively.

The poll shows some more interesting trends.

When asked which leader would one wish to see as their Prime Minister, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of the Liberals topped the list at almost 33 percent, followed by Andrew Scheer of the Conservatives at about 23 percent, Jagmeet Singh of the NDP at close to nine percent, Elizabeth May of the Greens at approximately eight percent, and Maxime Bernier of the PPC at just above two percent. 

Compared to the previous week, Trudeau rose by 1.4 percentage points, and Scheer gained 0.9. Jagmeet Singh dropped 0.7 percentage points, while May picked up 0.8, and Bernier dropped 0.2.

Respondents were also asked whether they would consider voting for each of the federal parties. 47 percent said they would vote for the Liberals; almost 40 percent said they would vote Conservative; 35 percent said they would vote NDP; 33 percent said they would vote for the Greens; just 28 percent said they would consider the PPC.

Compared to the previous week, the Liberals have stayed at almost the same spot, while every other political party, except the Bloq in Quebec, has seen a drop in percentage points. Conservatives dropped 0.3, the NDP 0.7, the Greens 0.5, and the PPC dropped 0.8 percentage points.

They were also asked whether each of the federal leaders displayed good leadership qualities. 46 percent of Canadians believe Trudeau has the qualities of a good leader, followed by Elizabeth May of the Greens at 37 percent. Scheer comes third at 36 percent, followed by Jagmeet Singh at 28 percent. Only 15 percent of Canadians feel the same about Maxime Bernier, while almost 25 percent feel the same about the Bloc’s Yves-François Blanchet.

Compared to last week’s results, Trudeau rose by 1.5 percentage points while May dropped 1.4. Scheer and Singh stayed around the same score, while Blanchet of the Bloc dropped a whopping 4.6 percentage points. Bernier saw a 0.9 percentage point drop too.

The Liberals can cheer. Scheer needs to rethink his strategy. The NDP needs a spark to get them over the 20 percent mark, as the Greens witness a threatening rise. 

The poll by Nanos had a sample size of 1000 voters. Every week, the results of the oldest 250 voters are removed and replaced by new ones. 

The margin of error stands at 3.1 percentage points, 19 out of 20 times. 

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