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Liberals need to respect diversity of opinion on abortion

Liberals need to respect diversity of opinion on abortion 

Most people do not particularly like talking about abortion, because the subject touches on people’s deepest values and experiences. Pro-lifers view pre-born persons as human beings, and therefore see abortion as a violation of the child’s right to life. Pro-choicers prioritize the will of the mother, holding that bodily autonomy takes precedence regardless of the status of the life or potential life of the child. Both sides have something to say, because this is an issue that involves a conflict of rights claims. It is a question that can be discussed soberly and thoughtfully by those who like that sort of thing.

My party has been fairly consistent on this question, in that we believe that the consciences of pro-life and pro-choice parliamentarians should be respected and that the party leadership itself should not seek to impose a particular point of view.

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