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UPDATE: Andrew Scheer has responded to the Twitter trend, also criticizing an MP who partook in the hashtag.

A new hashtag is trending on Twitter, and this one appears to be going after Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer’s upbringing in a poor family.

The hashtag, #ScheerWasSoPoorThat, has left-wing Twitter getting their creative caps on, attacking the Ottawa-born Scheer for his readiness to mention his modest upbringing.

The memes seem to have started after the Conservative Party’s official Twitter account posted a photo of Andrew Scheer with a quote discussing his poverty.

“I’m a kid who grew up in a townhouse, in a family that didn’t own a car, whose mother lived with her eight siblings in a two-bedroom house on a dirt road, and today I am running to be prime minister.”

Tweets directly mock Scheer’s statement, as this isn’t the first time that Scheer has brought up the class differences between himself and Trudeau. Scheer told his supporters in May that Trudeau “doesn’t understand family finances and balancing a budget,” because his family has a massive fortune which Trudeau was raised on.

For the Twitter trolls, though, this wasn’t a good look. Rather than any empathy, Scheer was criticized heavily for what some perceived as being a “sob-story.”

Other tweets, rather than attack his upbringing, decided to attack his values, saying that they were “bought second hand” off of former Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Many tweets strayed from anything based in reality and went straight for the nonsensical.

Andrew Scheer responded to the Twitter trend in a tweet also criticizing an MP who partook in the trend.

Sikand has since deleted the tweet.

The hashtag is trending across Canada, and perhaps says something about how Canadians see the leader of the opposition, heading into the October federal election.