With the nomination election next Tuesday, Laura Huang, the wife of rookie MP Geng Tan, has tried to convince the Liberal Party to allow her to take her husbands place while he faces a small scandal from his ex-girlfriend who is claiming he fathered her child.

Following the claims from the ex, which included saying Geng had been engaged in an affair for years, the MP announced that he would not be running again. His wife then quickly entered the race.

“I am entering the nomination contest to become the Liberal candidate for Don Valley North in the upcoming federal election this fall,” Huang writes on her website. “My career as a scientist is balanced with extensive community work in the riding. I work persistently and tirelessly in the pursuit to improve opportunities for children and youth, and put great efforts to encourage new immigrants to participate in Canadian society and politics.””

However, despite entering the race, Huang has been blocked by the Liberal Party saying that she will not be able to take over for her husband and become a candidate in the upcoming race.

Huang is furious, especially as she has already collected “5,000 party members willing to support her as candidate,” reports the National Post. She has “urged [her] backers to come to Thursday’s election and write her name onto their ballots” despite being blocked.

“How can we have a fair, open and transparent nomination, when a secretive backroom committee can decide without reasons … who you can vote for in the upcoming nomination?” asked Huang. “As a party, we have been encouraging more women to run as candidates. That is the message from our feminist leader … It’s extremely heartbreaking when (a female candidate) is stopped from running by backroom games.”

With Huang and Geng out of the race, the frontrunner for the Liberal nomination in the Don Valley North riding is likely going to be Han Dong, who says he wasn’t aware of the resignation until recently and seemed indifferent.

“I’m just focused on winning the nomination and hopefully winning the election,” said Dong. “I’ve been an MPP before and I’m passionate about public service.”