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Public Safety Canada under the Trudeau government has removed any mention of “Sunni” or “Shia” Islamic extremism from its 2018 Public Report on the Terrorism Threat to Canada.

The edit which went largely unannounced is part of a recent effort to “review the language used to describe extremism.”

When compared to the original archived report it is clear that the government deliberately removed two sections clearly referencing Sunni and Shia extremism. The updated version combined the sections into an all-encompassing “Current Terrorist Threat to Canada” category.

Originally the report described Sunni extremism as “the principal terrorist threat to Canada” but now only vaguely references “groups inspired by violent ideologies.”

According to the Public Safety Canada “listed terrorist entities” Sunni and Shia extremist groups still make up a majority of the entities on the list.

“The Government’s communication of threats must be clear, concise, and cannot be perceived as maligning any groups. As we continue this review, it is apparent that in outlining a threat, it must be clearly linked to an ideology rather than a community. The Government will carefully select terminology that focuses on the intent or ideology,” claims an April 28th update.

Prior to the latest edit, references to Sikh and Khalistani extremism were also removed from the report at the request of various members of the Sikh community.

Justin Trudeau was called out for the removal by India’s Sikh Minister of the Punjab Region Amarinder Singh.

“It is obvious that Trudeau had played safe in view of the upcoming elections in Canada, giving in to pressure within his country. The world cannot afford to fan extremism in any form, which is what the Trudeau government was effectively doing with such ill-thought moves,”said Singh about the decision.