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Liberal MP wrongfully claims SNC “entitled” to deferred prosecution arrangement
Liberal MP wrongfully claims SNC "entitled" to deferred prosecution arrangement
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Liberal MP wrongfully claims SNC “entitled” to deferred prosecution arrangement 

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Steven MacKinnon the member of parliament for Gatineau, Quebec recently claimed on CBC’s Power and Politics that SNC-Lavalin, the firm which paid $30,000 to cover the cost of prostitutes for Gaddafi’s son were entitled to a deferred prosecution arrangement (DPA) because of the damage the failure of the company could do to Canadian jobs.

The major problem with that claim? Economic concerns are not listed as one of the reasons a DPA can be given out.

In fact according to the legislation, the prosecutor “must not consider the national economic interest, the potential effect on relations with a state other than Canada, or the identity of the organization or individual involved.”

You can read the full document by clicking here.

Criminal Defence Lawyer Solomon Friedman also breaks it down further in the video below, detailing how the severity of the SNC’s actions could have also harmed its chances.

Now here is the extremely interesting thing.

The Liberals could have done this legally if the PM had published his directions through the Canada Gazzete (the governments news site) in writting.

They didn’t. Instead, team Trudeau chose to dodge the public attention and force this decision through by pressuring the Attorney General until she resigned. Once she did so they found an individual willing to do the job that clearly went against the law passed by the Liberal government itself.

Now it seems they expect the Canadian public to believe a company which broke election laws to donate to the Liberal party, and still faces multiple criminal probes simply was “entitled” to a DPA.

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