Celina Caesar-Chavannes the Liberal MP for Whitby took to Twitter yesterday to directly challenge the leadership style of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

She Tweeted, “‘I believe real leadership is about listening, learning & compassion…central to my leadership is fostering an environment where my Ministers, caucus & staff feel comfortable coming to me when they have concerns’ I did come to you recently. Twice. Remember your reactions?”

Ms. Caesar-Chavannes Tweet likely signified that although Mr. Trudeau openly speaks about listening, learning, and compassion, the reality is far from what he states.

The Tweet also likely came as a response to the PM’s earlier comments to reporters in which he said he should have realized there was an “erosion of trust” between his office and the former AG, while also maintaining he did nothing wrong, and that this was ultimately a leadership learning opportunity.

What does this challenge mean?

For now discussion around this case has moved to the court of opinion, where it seems almost two-thirds of Canadians believe the former AG’s version of events, and Conservatives continue to make gains.

Under that backdrop, Liberal challenges to the Trudeau regime will serve as the single largest deciding factor to whether the majority government is actually forced to resign or change its leader.

Ms. Chavannes, like her fellow dissenters and resigned Cabinet Ministers Jody Wilson-Raybould, and Jane Philipot represent the same segment of the Liberal base that is furious under the Trudeau government but also helped bring forward the 2015 sunny ways victory.

Notably, women and minorities who for the most part appear to be props for a virtue signalling government, then real levers of change.

The challenges from these individuals could be the end to team Trudeau, all that is remaining is whether more Liberals will follow their call.

What do you think? Should more Liberal MPs follow suit? Did the PM do anything wrong?

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