The Conservative Party released a list of all of the Liberal MPs who have opposed same-sex marriage in response to a Toronto Star article which referenced comments made by party leader Andrew Scheer over a decade ago.

The Toronto Star article was based on a video of a speech released by Liberal Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale in which Scheer talks about his opinions on gay marriage at the time.

What the article didn’t mention, however, was that Ralph Goodale himself and numerous other Liberals have voted in opposition to gay marriage.

A list of the votes for a 1995 private member’s motion to legally recognize same-sex marriages lists Liberal MP Ralph Goodale as having voted in opposition to the motion.

Shortly after the outrage, the Conservative Party of Canada HQ twitter account tweeted a thread involving all of the disparaging comments made by Liberal MPs or candidates towards gay marriage.

Among those Liberals MPs and candidates who have spoken in opposition to gay marriage or in defence of traditional marriage were: MP Roger Cuzner (Cape Breton-Canso), MP John McKay ( Scarborough-Guildwood), Francis Scarpaleggia (candidate for Lac-Saint-Louis).

Of the comments mentioned, the MP McKay most frequently argued against gay marriage in the past.

MP Cuzner has claimed in the past that traditional marriage “is the single best relationship in which men relate to women” and that it is based on the pillar of being between one man and one woman.