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LGBTQ advocate Jessica Yaniv demands topless swim session for ages 12+, no parents allowed
British Columbia

LGBTQ advocate Jessica Yaniv demands topless swim session for ages 12+, no parents allowed 

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Self-described “LGBTQ advocate” and trans woman Jessica Yaniv was to present Monday night at Township of Langley Council on the need for an LGBTQ “all-bodies” swim where no parents are present; however, Council voted to postpone Yaniv’s delegation until September.

Yaniv’s delegation request to appear before council stated she was asking for:

“Permission for LGBTQ2S+ organizations to be allowed to host an ‘All-Bodies Swim’ at TOL [Township of Langley] civic pools…for people aged 12+ where these events will be restricted to LGBTQ2S and individuals will be permitted to be topless (at their leisure), in compliance with the laws of Canada and where parents and caretakers will be prohibited from attending these events as it’s considered safe and inclusive.”

Notably, Yaniv requests that 12 be set as the minimum age for participation in the ‘all-bodies’ swim, but does not give an upper age limit. She also specifically notes that toplessness should be allowed and that parents should be banned from attending.

The previously scheduled “all-bodies” swim in Langley City was cancelled due to social media backlash after the event stated that attendees were only required to wear bottoms, leading some to deduce that this could end up being a topless pool party involving individuals ages 12-24.

Yaniv has presented to Council on ten separate occasions since the beginning of this year, usually on LGBTQ issues. On her April 15th appearance, Yaniv advocated for free tampons and pads to be placed in female, male, and gender-neutral washrooms in the Township of Langley.

On her May 27th appearance, Yaniv requested the creation of a local LGBTQ school program where youth can learn about how to take hormones to change their gender. During that delegation, Yaniv wore a tiara, pageant dress, and cleavage enhancers that were seemingly left visible on purpose.

Photograph was taken from Langley City Hall video archives.

It is somewhat peculiar that Yaniv would choose to present on a topic involving the bodies of young people, given that Yaniv appears to have solicited advice about approaching preteen girls in leaked Facebook message screenshots.

Yaniv asked questions such as “is it weird to ask a 10-12 year old girl for a pad? Or a tampon? … should I give her one and instruct her on how to use it?” and “If there’s like 30 girls in the change room, how many of them would you say are out there changing freely with their vaginas and tits out?”

Yaniv has denied that she sent the messages seen in the screenshots.

Yaniv has also filed 16 complaints with the BC Human Rights Tribunal against female estheticians who declined to provide her with waxing services, including genital waxing.

Many of the female estheticians Yaniv filed complaints against are immigrants and have English as a second language. Yaniv has also advocated for random immigration checks in a heavily Sikh area of Surrey, British Columbia.

The BC Human Rights Tribunal decision on Yaniv’s waxing cases will be made in September, the same month in which the Township of Langley has postponed Yaniv’s “all-bodies” swim delegation until.

The Post Millennial has reached out to the Township of Langley Council for comment but has received no response from the councillors.

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