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Left-wing Twitter celebrates Rush Limbaugh’s cancer diagnosis
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Left-wing Twitter celebrates Rush Limbaugh’s cancer diagnosis 

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Heartless left-wing Twitter users reacted to news of Rush Limbaugh’s advanced-stage cancer diagnosis exactly as you’d expect—with cruel remarks, and even celebration.

Limbaugh, the longtime host of the Rush Limbaugh Show airing since 1988, dropped the news on his radio show Monday, and while most on the right were sending thoughts, prayers, and sincere wishes, the left had a different tone.

Replies under the Huffington Post’s tweet were particularly egregious. Many mocked Limbaugh, celebrated cancer of all things, and many called the diagnosis “karma.”

The insults didn’t just come from nameless, faceless Twitter accounts, though. Among those who joked about the diagnosis were several of Twitter’s infamous “blue checkmarks,” snobby elites who look down on those they disagree with. Among these checkmarks are NBC employees, New York Times best-selling authors, sports journalists, and even media outlets like Raw Story.

Oliver Willis, previously of Media Matters, also decided to join in on the “fun” by tweeting disparaging articles calling Limbaugh a sexist.

It doesn’t take much digging to find posts of a similar sentiment when former U.S. Presidential candidate and war hero John McCain passed away. Only moments after his death, Twitter was swarming with cold-hearted posts celebrating his death.

Our sincere thoughts and prayers go out to Rush Limbaugh and his family in this difficult time. It should go without saying, but thanks to the cruelty seen from left-wing Twitter, we just wanted to put it out there.

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