How can you fail at running a liquor store? Well, Ontario has found a way.

According to a CTV report, the LCBO has let an alcohol shortage happen during the season when alcohol is in its highest demand, and stores are quickly being cleared out.

In response to public pressure, the LCBO has released a series of platitudes, saying they are “working diligently” and stores will be fully restocked “as soon as possible”, but only some are convinced.

For many, the shortage illustrates a major problem with government-run monopolies and what inevitably happens without private sector involvement and private suppliers to pick up the slack. People go without.

“While some interruption in service was expected, deliveries remain moving at a slower than usual pace. There is no inventory shortage, but rather a delay in delivery,” said one spokesperson for the LCBO to Global News.

“Our retail service centre and any impacted parts of our business are working to minimize impact to our customers.”

It’s unknown how many locations have been affected, how widespread the delays are, or what products have been temporarily delayed. The agency said it will “not be commenting further at this time.”