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During question period, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made the absurd claim that low-income families don’t have to pay taxes.

Trudeau’s statement came as a response to Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre’s criticism about the Liberal axing of the child fitness tax credit.

The credit was axed in 2017 after the Liberals claimed that it was being taken advantage of by the wealthy.

“We see proof that the conservatives simply don’t understand that low income families don’t benefit from tax breaks because they don’t pay taxes,” said Justin Trudeau.

Conservative opposition leader Andrew Scheer responded to Trudeau’s claim calling it false.

““Not only is this factually wrong – anybody who earns more than $11,809 a year, well below the poverty line, is eligible to pay income taxes, gas taxes, payroll tax and GST – it shows just how little he understands about Canadians and their day-to-day lives,” said Scheer.

According to Canadian tax law, every Canadian in 2018 could claim $11,809 as a basic personal amount which they don’t have to be taxed on. All income beyond that point is subject to Canada’s income tax.