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Justin Trudeau repeats SNC-Lavalin lie in leaders’ debate
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Justin Trudeau repeats SNC-Lavalin lie in leaders’ debate 

During tonight’s English Leaders’ Debate, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer was asked which leader he wanted to ask a question of. He quickly pivoted toward Justin Trudeau eliciting laughter from the audience. He then asked Trudeau about the SNC-Lavalin affair: “When did you decide that the rules don’t apply to you?”

Scheer reminded Trudeau that it had been determined that he acted inappropriately in pressuring then-Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould to pursue a deferred prosecution agreement with SNC-Lavalin. Scheer said, “You looked Canadians in the eye and told Canadians that the allegations in the Globe and Mail were false.”

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