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According to the latest numbers reported by Angus Reid, Justin Trudeau has a disapproval rating that’s lower than Kathleen Wynne’s before her disastrous electoral defeat in 2018.

Currently 67 per cent of Canadians disapprove of the prime minister, while only 28 per cent approve of him.

While Kathleen Wynne was the Premier of Ontario her disapproval rating sat at 64 per cent, while 29 per cent of voters approved of her ahead of the provincial election according to Research Co.

In comparison that means that Trudeau’s disapproval is three per cent lower than Wynne’s while his approval is also one per cent lower.

Wynne’s numbers were reported on June 6th, 2018 only one day before the provincial election.

Wynne’s performance at the ballot lead to a historic defeat for the ruling Ontario Liberals. The provincial Liberal Party lost a total of 48 seats in the legislature, down to a meek 7 seats from 55.

Eventually the Ontario Liberals were subjugated to lose their official party status due to the party’s poor performance during the summer election.