While speaking to steel workers in Hamilton, Ontario, Justin Trudeau announced that the United States will be ending steel and aluminum tariffs on Canada within a matter of two days.

The Prime Minister cited “lots of conversations with the president” as one of the things which produced a breakthrough on the controversial tariffs.

Trudeau also indicated that the recent decision will lead to further development on the ratification of the USMCA agreement.

Now that we’ve had a full lift on these tariffs, we are going to work with the United States on timing for ratification,” said Trudeau.

When asked whether Canada made any concessions to achieve the termination of tariffs, Trudeau indicated Canadians “stayed strong”.

“This is just pure good news, for Canadians, for families,” said Trudeau.

Earlier this week, Minister of Foreign Affairs Chrystia Freeland visited Washington to speak to American counterparts about the ongoing tariffs.