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I have said repeatedly that Chrystia Freeland has been a total failure as the Foreign Affairs Minister.

And that level of failure is exceeded only by her boss, Justin Trudeau.

Together, they have overseen a dramatic weakening of Canada’s position in the world, leading us to the point where we are seen as the easiest country to bully and humiliate.

Communist China has taken advantage of that in the most ruthless way, kidnapping innocent Canadians, barring our exports, and showing nothing but contempt for our federal ‘leadership.’

Yet, the failure goes beyond just China.

In domain after domain, Freeland & Trudeau have been outplayed, and Canadians are paying the price.

As the latest example, the Trudeau government has announced that $1.75 billion in taxpayer dollars are being spent to compensate dairy farmers for losses from both the Pacific Rim & European trade deals.

Additionally, the Liberals have announced that more compensation will be given out once the new NAFTA agreement takes effect.

Of course, the question to be asked is this: If the government was so great at negotiating, then why do farmers need to be compensated for losses?

Shouldn’t we be talking about gains, rather than losses?

The Liberals may be able to spread some blame to the previous Conservative government when it comes to prior trade deals, but if the Trudeau government already knows that losses are upcoming from the new NAFTA, why did they sign it? Why sign onto an agreement where losses are baked in?

Both the Liberals and Conservatives have been pushing the free-trade orthodoxy for a long time, yet there is little evidence Canadians are better off from all of these deals.

Instead, our homegrown companies have become more vulnerable, our reliance on foreign countries has grown, and our sovereignty has been weakened as we are increasingly beholden to decisions made outside of Canada.

Meanwhile, we still don’t have real free trade between our own provinces, leading to the absurd situation in which it’s often easier for a province to trade with a foreign country halfway around the world than it is for them to trade with fellow Canadians right next door.

The fact is, at a time when the world appears increasingly closed, and when dependence on foreign countries is an unsustainable vulnerability, we need to stop signing deals that reduce our sovereignty and necessitate taxpayer-funded bailouts.

It’s the same problem we see with the corporate and political elites here in Canada, who are so desperate for a ‘free-trade’ deal with China that they refuse to decouple our economy from the Communist State before it’s too late.

Unless things change, and unless the elitist consensus on sovereignty-busting “free-trade deals” is challenged, expect more and more bailout announcements from Trudeau, Freeland, or whoever ends up replacing them.