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Judges set to decide on Ontario carbon tax challenge
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Judges set to decide on Ontario carbon tax challenge 

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Thursday marked the last hearing in Ontario’s constitutional challenge of the federal carbon tax.

In their closing arguments the federal government insisted that the carbon tax is the right approach to address climate change and it respects the rights of the provinces.

On the other hand, Ontario lawyers reiterated their challenge on the government’s claim that the tax was constitutional and that it posed a threat to Canadian federalism.

“It governs a broad range of activities that are in provincial jurisdiction. It is not appropriate for a federation,” said Ontario lawyer Josh Hunter.

The hearings which lasted four days will receive a decision after the arguments are reviewed by five Appeal Court justices.

In total, 14 interveners took part in the case split between the two sides. Among them were provinces like British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta.

Currently the province of Saskatchewan is waiting on a decision in their own constitutional challenge to the federally imposed carbon tax.

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