According to an investigation by Blacklock’s Reporter, a federal judge has asked the Commissioner of Lobbying to once again investigate the prime minister’s relationship with the Aga Khan.

In 2017, Justin Trudeau and his family made several trips to the Khan’s private Bahamian island which instigated several lobbying and conflict of interest complaints.

The new ruling came after the group Democracy Watch requested the investigation be reopened.

“The decision is quashed and returned for redetermination,” said Justice Patrick Gleeson on the case.

According to Democracy Watch, there are concerns around the Aga Khan’s status as a registered lobby and the $330 million in federal contributions to projects by the organization. The group claims that the original investigation was narrow in scope and did not consider whether the Khan received anything valuable from the interactions with the PM.

“The Commissioner was required to take a broad view of the circumstances in addressing the complaint. Instead, the record before the Court reflects a narrow, technical and targeted analysis that is lacking in transparency, justification, and intelligibility when considered in the context the Commissioner’s duties and functions. The decision is unreasonable,” said Justice Gleeson on the original decision.