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Joshua Boyle, the famous Canadian turned villain, says he acknowledges striking his wife with a broom following their release from captivity overseas, but claims he did it only because she had requested to be spanked.

After a cross-examination, Boyle denied that he had ever struck, choked, or bit Coleman in anger while they lived together in Ottawa.

Boyle pleaded not guilty to assault, sexual assault, and unlawful confinement against his wife during the period of October to December 2017.

The Boyle saga allegedly started after he and Coleman had been returned to Canada after being imprisoned by Taliban extremists who captured the couple during a 2012 trip to Afghanistan.

Prosecutor Jason Neubauer accused Boyle of striking Coleman with a broom out of punishment, but when asked, Boyle said he shrugged and gave Coleman “a few half-hearted swats on the backside” with a broom because she had requested it, going on to say that it was not uncommon for her to request spanking.