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Environment minister Catherine McKenna, the architect of Bill C-69, what opponents have dubbed ‘the no-pipeline bill’, and pitchwoman for the federal carbon tax, offered her usual talking points when asked about today’s demonstration that shut down Wellington Street in front of Parliament Hill.

The Post Millennial caught up briefly with McKenna after she exited the House following question period.

TPM: Do you have any comment about the United We Roll protest today?

McKenna: Look, in Canada we have the right to peaceful protest and it’s good for everyone to have the chance to make their views known.

TPM: But their views are that they don’t like your policies. They say your policies are hurting their industry.

McKenna:  When it comes to taking action to protect the environment and grow the economy, that was what we ran on as a government. We certainly want to get our resources to market but you know that it has to be done in a sustainable way in the 21st century for that to happen. We are putting a price on pollution, Alberta has a price on pollution and it’s one of the fastest growing economies in the country….

TPM: A price on pollution, will kill jobs. More than 100,000 jobs in Alberta are already gone. Are you putting the environment before jobs?

McKenna: In fact, a price on pollution has been shown to be effective and the provinces that had a price on pollution were the fastest growing in the country. We need to take action on…

TPM: Fastest growing in what, job losses?

McKenna: We need to take action on climate change. It is actually the cost that we are paying right now, all Canadians are paying through extreme weather – floods, droughts. It’s in the billions of dollars and it’s expected to get higher and it’s a debt we’re passing on to the next generation.

TPM: So you don’t care about the job losses?

McKenna staffer: I’m sorry, we have to get going to our next appointment.