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NDP leader calls for a “complete end” to fossil fuels 

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Jagmeet Singh has decided to take drastic measures to win over the environmentalist vote, as his NDP continue to falter in the most recent polls.

With the Green Party gaining momentum at a pace they have not previously seen, Singh has apparently decided that a strong environmentalist stance would be the NDP’s new approach to politics.

Jagmeet Singh has made an announcement calling for a “climate emergency” to be declared, going so far as to say that the future of Canada was one without fossil fuels.

“I believe the future of Canada does not include fracking,” said Singh in an announcement Monday. “We cannot be fracking, we cannot be relying on fossil fuels to burn as an energy source at all in our country.”

Singh’s new green message for the NDP is a tune that we haven’t heard before, as Singh had previously supported LNG Canada, and now appears to be turning his back on that message.

“We need to move to a future that is renewable,” Singh continued. “That’s why I’m calling for a complete end to all fossil fuel subsidies.”

What do you think of Jagmeet’s plan? Let us know in the comments below.

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