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It’s time to stop cancelling politicians for old tweets
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It’s time to stop cancelling politicians for old tweets 

Last week, Dock Currie, an NDP candidate in rural British Columbia, was pressured into resigning his candidacy in the upcoming federal election. His career was ruined through wrath: or, more specifically, telling a journalist who covers energy that he would “like to break his jaw” on social media. 

This proclamation is, of course, unseemly for any proposed representative of the people. Especially so for a candidate of the NDP, whose party’s policy on smacking pro-oil hacks stops begrudgingly short of this. And so, unlike the Liberal Party (who are perhaps more forgiving) the NDP found these comments to be too embarrassing, or too extreme, and so Currie was tediously swept away to join that ever-growing caste of politicians whose careers have been ruined through thoughtless posts on social media.  

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