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It’s time to restrain yourself, Mr. Trump

It’s time to restrain yourself, Mr. Trump 

With most modern presidents, it’s easy to discern what their legacy is. John F. Kennedy knew full well the true intent of the communists in Moscow, as well as those of their tropical stooge, Fidel Castro. He was able to avert what would have been a nuclear catastrophe. The name Ronald Reagan will always be synonymous with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the dissolution of the Soviet Union. 

The two were what is usually called—either in the form of epithet or compliment— “Cold Warriors.” Meaning, they were happy participants in the struggle with the Soviets and thought it was a moral imperative. All very true, and the world profited from their prudence. But what is to be said of Donald Trump? What will the lapidary carve into the stone? The Donald is certainly something of a phenomenon. (He would agree.) I predict talks of his legacy will be replete with comments on how feverish—or irritating—he was as a “Culture Warrior.” The man is the quintessential one, and perhaps the first president to so proudly attest to his immense dedication to being one. After all, he can be credited with unveiling much of the socio-cultural maladies that were erstwhile hidden from mainstream view due to the crafty work of the politically correct. 

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