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“Is Trudeau leading us to civil war?”: Alberta separatist third-party group erects billboards in Edmonton
"Is Trudeau leading us to civil war?": Alberta separatist third-party group erects billboards in Edmonton
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“Is Trudeau leading us to civil war?”: Alberta separatist third-party group erects billboards in Edmonton 

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A registered third-party advertising group has erected two billboards in Edmonton targeting the Prime Minister.

One billboard can be found on the 99 Street and 63rd Avenue while the other is on the intersection of 163 Street and Mayfield Road.

The billboards were erected by Alberta Fights Back (AFB), a “not-for-profit Third Party Election Advertiser and Third Party Political Advertiser registered with Elections Alberta.”

The group which seeks a referendum on Alberta’s separation from confederation has targeted Justin Trudeau as a potential arbiter of “civil war” within Canada.

According to the group’s director, Peter Downing, the project is a joint venture with the Prairie Freedom Movement, also headed by Downing.

“We are the only openly Alberta first, separatist PAC [Political Action Committee],” Downing told The Post Millennial.

“The current arrangement that Alberta finds itself within and in relation to Ottawa and the other provinces isn’t good for Alberta.”

Among the issues AFB also advocates for are on “economic ruin, mass migration, firearms ban, censorship of speech” among many others.

“A lot of our people aren’t partisan, just regular blue-collar folk, working-class folk who want to raise families especially in the West. We are hardworking decent people who don’t take other people’s stuff,” said Downing.

The two billboards aren’t the only projects undertaken by AFB. In February 2019, the group also displayed a billboard asking passerby’s “Should Alberta ditch Canada?”

Another billboard by the group targeted the province’s NDP government ahead of the 2019 provincial election. The advertisement depicted a goldfish being flushed down the toilet with the message “Bye-bye NDP. Vote them out on April 16.”

According to Downing, the group plans further advertising in the future as well as a potential “separatist rally” in Edmonton and Calgary, even extending to Saskatchewan and Manitoba through the Prairie Freedom Movement.

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