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Is The Guardian finally coming to its senses?
The Guardian

Is The Guardian finally coming to its senses? 

The Guardian has been a vocal advocate of trans ideology. They have ignored concerns from gender clinicians in the past, and have helped pile-on to gender critical feminists who have dared to question the trans narrative. But now that evidence is beginning to mount of the dangers of transing children, as well as the Yaniv-style implications of forcing trans ideology on the public, the outlet seems to have to come to its senses.

While men get cancelled for sexual misconduct, women get cancelled for speaking their mind. Gender critical voices and radical feminists have been the avant-garde, fighting against trans ideology and the transing of children. For this, they have been protested, mobbed, fired, badgered, threatened, harassed, and even assaulted. There have been countless pieces about how voices against trans indoctrination are bigotted, and women who have wanted to speak out about this often have not. 

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