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Is Snopes okay?
Babylon Bee vs. Snopes

Is Snopes okay? 

It really seems like Snopes is not okay. In 2019, Snopes fact-checked satirical site The Onion once. Already this year, Snopes fact-checked The Babylon Bee a total of six times. These fact checks of The Babylon Bee read like satire themselves. Why the hell is a media watchdog organization doing fact checks of satire in the first place? Are they going to set the record straight on A Modest Proposal next?

The Babylon Bee ran a piece called Georgia Lawmaker Claims Chick-Fil-A Employee Told Her To Go Back To Her Country, Later Clarifies He Actually Said ‘My Pleasure’, a reference to the weird story where Georgia State Rep. Erica Thomas reported that she was “scared for her life” during a recent grocery store encounter with a man who yelled “you need to go back where you came from.” This story was elevated because of Trump’s notorious tweets about the group of four freshmen congresswomen colleagues nicknamed “the squad.” But Thomas’ story turned out to be not one of xenophobia, but of a guy who was super pissed that she had 15 items in the 10 items or less checkout lane. 

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