According to a tweet from user @Mattomic, an entire Irish rugby team was escorted out of a Toronto Blue Jays game for being too rowdy. 

The team decided to visit a Jays game Friday, where the bluebirds were playing a game against the division-rival Yankees.

“They all came to the game in matching Canadian tuxedos, sprayed beer and occasionally paused for pushups all the way to the exits.”

The video shows the team making their way through the halls of the Rogers Centre, while loudly chanting “Fields of Athenry,” a traditional Irish folk ballad.

Although some may have been bothered by the team’s antics, it appears as though the section they were sitting at seemed to enjoy the upbeat behaviour. 

“They showed them on the Jumbotron, and they started spraying beer all over each other, and the cops begrudgingly stepped in to toss ‘em. Their whole section was chanting, ‘let them stay,” said Mattomic in a reply.

For many, the high-energy Irishmen were probably a nice change of pace. The Jays have virtually zero percent chance of making a Wild Card spot, so a bit of fun in the stands was probably a welcomed change.