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In 2019, the gender-neutral menstrual cup is a thing

In 2019, the gender-neutral menstrual cup is a thing 

Products for non-gender conforming people are all over the place. There are so many non-gendered items, from undies to sex toys, that it’s almost as though this is merely a marketing ploy. But rest assured, those in the burgeoning gender neutral product industry are all about changing the world. Take for example the new plethora of non-gendered products for bleeders, which any bleeder can be proud to use.

Bleeders, formerly known as women, no longer have to associate their monthly bloodletting with their gender. Products like UltuCup, bloodcatching boxer shorts like the Affirming Boxer Short from Pyramid 7, and pads that aren’t packaged in pink let bleeders bleed, without all that pesky association of the female reproductive system to females. After all, bodies are just so reductive. No one wants to be defined or identified by their bodies, those external shells that don’t represent who we truly are on the inside, even if the entire concept of gender is derived from the associations of those bodies with assumed social roles and responsibilities.

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