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In 2019, even The Joker is cancelled

In 2019, even The Joker is cancelled 

After the Aurora, Colorado theatre shooting in 2012, it was hard to go to the movies in the US. Even now, attending film screening brings with it a pinch of fear. That must be extra true for the family members of the folks who died as a result of that shooting. The movie was The Dark Knight Rises and at issue now is another film in the Batman saga. Families and loved ones left behind in Aurora have banded together to denounce the new movie Joker. The reason? It’s violent, and the titled villain, played by Joaquin Phoenix, has a sympathetic backstory.

Concerned citizens of Aurora brought their complaint to Warner Bros., asking them to “end political contributions to candidates who take money from the NRA and vote against gun reform… Use your political clout and leverage in Congress to actively lobby for gun reform. [and] help fund survivor funds and gun violence intervention programs to help survivors of gun violence and to reduce every-day gun violence in the communities you serve.”

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