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If you ask Siri who the president of Israel is, she becomes anti-Semitic

If you ask Siri who the president of Israel is, she becomes anti-Semitic 

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“Hey Siri, wtf?” That’s the question that started floating around the Twittersphere Saturday evening.

Numerous people discovered that if you asked your iPhone who the president of Israel is, it would respond with a highly problematic answer: Reuvin Rivlin is the “President of the Zionist occupation state.”

The New York Post‘s Karol Markowicz tried, and got the same answer:

Sky News’ Rita Panahi had the same result over in Australia:

TPM‘s own Yanky Pollak attempted the question and recorded the answer:

The Post Millennial asked anti-Semitism expert and former New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind for comment and he said, “Apple has serious explaining to do. Not only do they have to remove and replace this nasty politicized result, they have to deal with how such a result was ever published. We want answers.”

The Post Millennial reached out to Apple but has not heard back by the time of publication.

People around the globe rallied and asked Apple to fix this. The anti-Semitic message remained unaltered for well over an hour. The source of the problem appears to be an anti-Semitic user who made an edit on Wikipedia.


While the anti-Semitic response has been scrubbed for now, a new issue has emerged: Why is Siri relying on Wikipedia to provide information to its users? Wikipedia has long been criticized to have a severe left-wing bias.

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