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Husband gives wife, 74, the gift of his kidney

Husband gives wife, 74, the gift of his kidney 

A Texas couple, married for 51 years, just exchanged the ultimate gift. Diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease, Peggy Nipper was heading for kidney failure and was in need of a transplant. With only one functioning kidney, and that only working at 14 percent, what Peggy needed most was a match. 

Because Peggy was 74, so the odds of her getting a donor were slim. Those on the U.S. national transplant list usually wait about 7 years before locating a match and receiving the donated organ. It was a surprise when Peggy’s husband Mike Nipper, 74, turned out to be a perfect match. The double surgery was performed at St. David’s North Austin Medical Center’s Kidney Transplant Center.

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