A shocking report by the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG) has ungainly implications for the Trudeau government.

The MMIWG study concluded that current and past actions of the Canadian government towards indigenous and first nations groups amounts to a genocide.

“The information and testimonies collected by the National Inquiry provide serious reasons to believe that Canada’s past and current policies, omissions,and actions towards First Nations Peoples, Inuit and Métis amount to genocide,” concluded the report.

The inquiry into MMIWG was announced on December 2015 shortly after Justin Trudeau was elected Prime Minister.

Since the report was released, numerous public figures have questioned the inquiry’s claims of genocide. Among those who question the report’s use of the term “genocide” is retired general Roméo Antonius Dallaire.

Dallaire, who commanded the UN peacekeeping force during the Rwandan genocide, took issue with the report saying that he was “not comfortable” with the term being applied in this situation.

Despite widespread public disagreement over the inquiry, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has accepted the report’s findings including the government’s complicity in genocide while speaking at the Women Deliver 2019 conference in Vancouver.

“We accept their findings, including that what happened amounts to genocide. There are many debates ongoing around words and use of words. Our focus as a country, as leaders, as citizens, must be on the steps we take to put an end to this situation and that is what we’re going to remain focused on,” said Trudeau.

Since the Prime Minister issued his agreement with the report’s findings, the continental Organization of American States (OAS) has called upon the Canadian government to agree to an independent third-party investigation into the claims.

Luis Almagro, the Secretary General for the OAS tweeted an open letter to the Prime Minister calling for Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts to come to Canada and investigate the report’s findings.

“I must communicate my deepest consternation regarding the existence of evidence of genocide against indigenous women and girls in your country,” wrote Almagro.

The Prime Minister has yet to reply to the OAS’ request.

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