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Halloween cancelled?: Ontario school discourages costumes to ensure all kids are included
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Halloween cancelled?: Ontario school discourages costumes to ensure all kids are included 

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Sloane Public Elementary school in Toronto came under serious heat for an email to parents, saying their annual Halloween festivities would be replaced by a “fall celebration.”

The email, specifically, stated that kids attending school would not be permitted to wear their costumes to class.

“The decision to not have students wear costumes to school on Halloween was made as a staff based on a number of reasons, including ensuring that all children feel included and that learning continues, even on Halloween,” said Sloane Elementary’s Karen Thomas.

The proposed ban on costumes aligns with a trend across Ontario and Canada, with more and more schools considering opting out of Halloween celebrations. Whether it be for religious or cultural reasons, or because some older students’ tendency to wear costumes that were too spooky for younger students, many schools switch out Halloween celebrations for more the more neutral Orange and Black days.

As reported by CityNews, parents of children who attended the school were upset with the school’s choice to make a decision without consulting parents.

With parents’ complaints coming in droves, the school decided to walk back their decision, sending out a new email.

“While many students come to school with costumes, there are a number of students that don’t celebrate Halloween or may not wear a costume for a variety of reasons,” reads the announcement. “It was with that in mind that we had considered the idea of not encouraging students to wear costumes this year. After hearing from students, staff and parents about that possibility, we’ve decided to as we always have and students will be able to wear their costumes at school that day. Thank you for that input.”

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