Veterans Affairs has refused to pay for an Air Force Captain’s prosthetic leg after she lost her leg and her infant son during an accident on the 401.

A GoFundMe page was launched to raise the $34,000 cost for her prosthetic limb using individual donations. Readers are encouraged to visit the site and make a donation.

Cpt. Kimberly Fawcett has previously deployed twice to Afghanistan. Facing the possibility of being deployed at the same time as her husband, Fawcett was in the process of bringing her nine-month-old son Keiran to his grandparents before she was deployed.

Tragedy struck immediately after she merged on the highway and she lost control of her vehicle. After trying to seek safety with her son in a ditch, she was dragged underneath a truck that severed her leg at the hip while her toddler son was ejected into the path of an 18-wheeler truck and was instantly killed.

“He’s our only child, so it was a very difficult loss for us,” said Captain Fawcett.

Despite the tragedy Fawcett has continued to serve in the military and even competes in the Invictus Games.

Although having to live with a prosthetic limb she was the only Canadian woman to date to have been deployed to Afghanistan with a prosthetic limb.

Veterans Affairs claims that Fawcett was not “on duty” at the time of the accident and so is not liable to cover the costs.

Cpt. Fawcett has been battling Veterans Affairs for ten years to get the cost of her prosthetic limb covered.