Former Liberal MP apologizes for sexually harassing staffer

Darshan Kang apologized for his sexual misconduct towards a staffer.
Darshan Kang apologized for his sexual misconduct towards a staffer.

A former Liberal, now independent MP has apologized for sexually harassing a staff member.

Darshan Kang, the former Calgary Skyview MP, apologized for the sexual harassment and inappropriate behaviour from him to members of his office.

Kang states that any discomfort and any difficulty he had caused was unintentional. Kang had left the Liberal caucus last summer after a staffer claimed that she had been sexually harassed and assaulted by him.

An investigation by the House of Commons concluded that some of the complaints were verifiable, including that Kang had attempted to get into the woman’s hotel room in Ottawa.

An all-party committee ordered that he go to conciliation and training for the harassment, though Kang says he plans to remain an MP as an independent.

Kang stated that he has “consistently maintained that my intentions and conduct have been proper and honourable.” He continued, “These are the values which I live my life by. However, if any of my actions have unintentionally caused difficulty for any person, I’m sorry, and I sincerely apologize.”

“I strongly believe in the integrity of this House and I respect the high standards which all members must abide by. With all due respect, I will continue to serve this chamber and my constituents to the best of my ability.”

Kang has since taken part in training programs on sexual harassment prevention and awareness. Courses that Kang had to pay for himself.

Last October, the Commons’ all-party board of internal economy ordered Kang to participate in said classes, while also giving him orders to reconcile with the victim, seeing if an agreement could be reached to heal the situation.

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