Bill Wilson, the father of Jody Wilson-Raybould and a B.C. Chief posted for the second time on Facebook defending his daughter in the recent SNC-Lavalin scandal. This time he did not mince words.

Openly commenting that the Emperor, referencing Justin Trudeau had no clothes, and that furthemore Jody Wilson-Raybould had been demoted because she would not “play ball” with the Big Boys who run the Liberal Party.

“THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES” – JODY was demoted because she would not “play ball” with the Big Boys who run the Liberal Party. Big industry & jobs threatened by honesty and integrity? Where have I heard this before? Mining, bad logging & fish farms perhaps! – Buried in the controversy are the 4 speeches that JODY made briefly calling in to question Trudeau’s sincerity about RECONCILIATION, which has been a FARCE from the outset. This farce continues to cover up the MISERY INDUSTRY run by DIA, lawyers, consultants, facilitators, the churches, healers and the “service” groups which are aided & abetted by the DIA chiefs, AFN, Summit, UBCIC and the other Indians seeking White approval. – Less than 10% of any federal $$ ever gets to the Indians. – Please share.

Bill Wilson

"THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES" – JODY was demoted because she would not "play ball" with the Big Boys who run the Liberal…

Posted by Bill Wilson on Sunday, February 10, 2019

As this scandal continues to roll out of control, the comment by Jody Wilson’s father points to a potential key break within the Trudeau base, namely with indigenous supporters who expected more from reconciliation.

It is important to also note just how outspoken Bill Wilson has been in this case. He first commented that her demotion made “ugly political sense,” then said she had been kicked in the teeth by the Prime Minister, all before the post mentioned above.

With multiple Liberal sources saying they believe that the Globe and Mail story came from Jody Wilson-Raybould herself, and the government refusing to remove their attorney-client privilege, Ms. Wilson’s father may be the closest individual to tell us the feelings of Jody herself.

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