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Ford says “crazy, crazy” and “nutcase” murderer should not have been allowed to escape mental ward
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Ford says “crazy, crazy” and “nutcase” murderer should not have been allowed to escape mental ward 

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Two weeks ago, a patient escaped Toronto’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health into the heart of the Canadian city. Zebhin Cong was institutionalized after he was found not criminally responsible for hacking his roommate to death with a meat cleaver.

According to a transcript of CFRB – Newstalk1010 obtained by The Post Millennial, the Premier called the escaped CAMH patient “crazy” and a “nut case” on Toronto radio. The Premier also said, “they should lock him up and throw away the key.”

“What is the family thinking of the poor victim that got chopped off with a meat cleaver by this nut case and then they let him loose out on the streets? How did he get a passport to go to China?,” said Ford in the interview.

“Like, this is absolutely ridiculous. This is what we have to change Jerry, right across the board, making sure that these crazy, crazy people that want to go around chopping people up, they’re out on the streets.”

In 2016, Cong was found not criminally responsible in the death of his roommate, 56-year old San Tai Yuan, who he hacked to death. On September 14th of that year, Cong took the weapon from his room into the common kitchen area and savagely attacked Yuan until he died from his injuries.

According to official reports Cong was able to board an international flight to China the very same day he escaped from the asylum.

The police originally claimed that Cong is a “low risk to public safety.”

“We’re going to get down to the bottom of it Jerry. And there’s going to be people held accountable. We can’t let guys like this loose,” said Ford.

“You throw away the key and they say oh well, you know, he was low risk. Well he was smart enough to book a trip to China. And why didn’t it pop up when they went to the airport?

Health officials have claimed that Cong is prone to severe hallucinations including seeing “spirits”.

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