A distraught raccoon has been rescued by the Newton, Massachusetts fire department after spending many melancholic hours attempting to free itself from a street drain grate, according to Global News.  

The heartbroken raccoon, who had been deserted by its friends, perilously fought for its life by holding up its body with its paws. Thankfully, the raccoon managed to resist gravity for many lonely hours before a cyclist spotted the critter, calling in the emergency services for support. 

After the Newton Fire Department rescued and consoled the raccoon on the loss of its critter chums, they took to twitter to share their success and to commend the raccoon for its bravery.

Despite it taking nearly two hours to rescue the raccoon, the cyclist, John Moore, who is a self-proclaimed “animal lover” was happy to have a role in the raccoon recovery. 

He posted to Instagram: “Helping save this little juvenile trash panda I noticed stuck on my morning commute. Great to see so many animal lovers in the group” 

The raccoon is now safe-and-sound and has returned to prowling the streets of Newton. Who knew that such a small creature could have such a large heart?