Just a few days ago, the New York Times in all of their gray glory decided to publish an article titled “Do Americans Need Air Conditioning?

Though the clear and obvious answer is “yes,” author Penelope Green, whose catalogue contains gems such as “Carefully Smash the Patriarchy” and about a dozen articles about sleeping, gave this earth an article it could not have gone without.

The air conditioner was invented in Buffalo, New York with the same American ingenuity that led to Alexander Graham Bell’s “invention of the telephone.” If it isn’t the greatest invention of the 20th century, it certainly is my favourite. 

While nuclear energy and aviation may be close contenders, air conditioning has much less blood on its hands, as examples of the two causing mass tragedy are plentiful. 

Another great discovery that came along with the air conditioner was how to efficiently counteract the new technology’s results. This is typically called “layering up” or simply “putting on layers.” Sadly for Atlantic staff writer Taylor Lorenz, it seems as though this knowledge still completely eludes her.

“Air-conditioning is unhealthy, bad, miserable, and sexist,” tweeted Lorenz. Of course, after blaming men for her inability to put on a cardigan, Lorenz pointed the finger at men for being mean to her online.

Lorenz’s antics—and let’s refer to them as such, because that’s exactly what they are—have stepped on toes for a number of summers now. Each year, Lorenz pops out of her burrow like Punxsutawney Phil on Groundhog’s Day, and stares directly at her shadow for minutes, praying for 6 more weeks of winter to prevent air conditioning from oppressing her.

Her antics also cause a ruckus from within the women’s rights communities. Mega-feminoid Roxane Gay, the author of books such as Bad Feminist took to Twitter to voice her displeasure, calling the Anti-A.C. lobby out for “Always wanting to create unnecessary struggle.”

Gay hits the nail on the head. Needlessly attempting to divide people into pro-AC and anti-AC positions is not good for anyone. 

Some took the bait. Ben Shapiro responded to Lorenz’s tweet, all but providing her with more power for next year’s seasonal trolling. 

“Alternatively, air conditioning has bettered the lives of hundreds of millions of people and saved tens of thousands of lives,” tweeted Shapiro, who probably did not realize he was biting into the bait of a feminist Twitter troll. “You’re just arguing over the thermostat.”

Lorenz is—to put it nicely—a lazy troll. She at one point had “anti-air conditioning activist” in her Twitter bio. If not for any other reason, I write this article to remind you; no there is no war on air conditioning. No, air conditioning is not sexist, and it never will be. And no, Taylor Lorenz, men getting angry at you for calling them oppressive via AC is not a good victim card.