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Faith Goldy and the guilt-by-association game
Faith Goldy and the guilt-by-association game
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Faith Goldy and the guilt-by-association game 

Remember when guilt by association was taboo? I actually do not. Ever since I’ve started paying attention to politics, just before the U.S. 2016 election circus started, all I can remember is people pointing their political fingers, preaching from pulpits about their virtue, and accusing people of actions because of who they may have spoken to at one point in time.

The association fallacy is a common one, and it manifests in more ways than one. A popular way to indict someone for no wrongdoing is to guilt them by association, as an ad hominem fallacy. Basically, if the argument attacks a person because of the similarity between the views of someone making an argument and other proponents of the argument.

Here is a perfect example to demonstrate, as provided by Wikipedia:“My opponent for office just received an endorsement from the Puppy Haters Association. Is that the sort of person you would want to vote for?”

This all leads me to the fingers being pointed at Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer by political adversaries.

Scheer is a fairly centre-right Conservative Party leader. “Outspoken” is not really a word that many would use to describe him. He has even received criticism from those both inside and outside of the political world. Notably, Beauce MP Maxime Bernier went so far as to leave the Conservative Party all together, and started the People’s Party of Canada.

In February of 2017, Scheer appeared on On the Hunt, a show produced by online news media outlet The Rebel. The show, which is now cancelled, was hosted by far-right provocateur Faith Goldy.

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