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Ex-Conservative leader Rona Ambrose contradicts Scheer, supports Pride Parades
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Ex-Conservative leader Rona Ambrose contradicts Scheer, supports Pride Parades 

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Former Conservative interim leader Rona Ambrose has declared on Twitter that she is proud to participate in gay pride marches and that the Conservative Party should happily endorse gay rights. 

In her tweet, Ambrose stated that she “was proud to have been the first Tory leader to march in a Pride Parade.” She went on to say that “It’s time to move forward together and show ALL families we have their backs!” 

Social conservatism has been a contentious issue within the Conservative Party of Canada since Justin Trudeau was re-elected as prime minister, with many suggesting that Andrew Scheer’s less-than-clear attitude towards homosexuality lost the party much-needed votes. 

Other high-profile Conservatives have also been critical of Scheer’s ability to deal with social issues. The former Harper minister Peter MacKay, for instance, said that issues like abortion and immigration “hung round [Scheer’s] neck like a stinking albatross.”

As well as this, the former Conservative Prime Minister Kim Campbell has stated that Scheer was “hard to trust.” 

Ambrose’s comments were in response to an article co-written by two prominent Conservative members, Jamie Ellerton and Melissa Lantsman, who argued Scheer and the CPC will continue to lose elections without full support of the LGBTQ community.

Scheer will soon face a leadership review in Toronto in the new year, where his ideology and leadership will be scrutinized. 

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