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A new video from CTV’s Christina Succi’s shows Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer in Constance Bay, Ontario, aiding in the effort to fill as many sandbags as possible in hopes to decrease the damage caused by rising water levels in the area.

Like Mariano Rivera at the bottom of the ninth, in entered the sandman. In contrast to Justin Trudeau’s media-friendly photo-op, Scheer showed up ready to work, filling up bags of sand for the distressed community.

This does come with reason, though. Trudeau and Scheer do not share the same security clearance, meaning Scheer is able to go on his own without as much attention, while Trudeau is not.

In what some are calling a “non-photo op,” Scheer’s appearance filling sand is great optics for the working man’s politician. The CPC leader has spent a healthy amount of time framing himself as the anti-Trudeau, as our current PM came from a life of luxury as the first son of a (controversially) beloved Prime Minister.

The appearance aims to benefit Scheer’s public image, as Trudeau’s attempt to do so at a similar event garnered negative attention.

During Trudeau’s visit to aid in the flooding, he was stopped by a disgruntled citizen who gave Trudeau a piece of his mind. Though Trudeau did try to reason with the man, to some, Trudeau looked smug, insincere, or out of touch.

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