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Egyptian government promotes candidate for Canadian 2019 election
Egyptian government promotes candidate for Canadian 2019 election
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Egyptian government promotes candidate for Canadian 2019 election 

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Some powerful nations use secret slush funds, send out spies, or deploy hackers to influence elections in other countries. Egypt posts on Facebook.

Egyptian consulate in Montreal published a Facebook status supporting Ann Francis on Friday morning. In the next federal election which is expected to happen in October, Mrs. Francis will be the Conservative candidate in the riding of Lac-Saint-Louis, in Montreal’s West Island.

The image was uploaded through the Consulate’s Facebook page with its own text in Arabic, making it seem as though the picture originates from the Consulate. It was not shared from a Conservative Party Facebook page.

A citizen may therefore wonder if Francis is the Egyptian government’s candidate, because the publication says “Congratulations to our 2019 candidate”.

Egyptian Consulate in Montreal promotes Conservative Party candidate Ann Francis on January 18, 2019 Facebook publication

Promoting a specific candidate in that part of town is no happenstance. The Egyptian Consulate knows where Egyptian nationals tend to live.

Montreal’s West Island is home to a vibrant community of Egyptian Coptic Christians. St-George and St-Joseph Coptic Orthodox Church is huge, and the church community is very close-knit.

Maybe she’s Egyptian

One may wonder if Egypt is pushing for Conservative Party candidates in general, or if this is a personal endorsement.

Whether she has Egyptian roots or relations doesn’t interest me actually.

I don’t know what motivates the Egyptian government to endorse one party or one candidate… and frankly, I don’t care.

Foreign governments should not be influencing Canadian elections.

The role of the consulate is to assist and protect the citizens of its own country, and to facilitate trade – and even friendship – between the people of our two countries.

Promoting a specific candidate – regardless of political affiliation – in an election year smacks of interventionism.

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