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Edmonton Pride cancelled by cancel culture
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Edmonton Pride cancelled by cancel culture 

As if some awfully dystopian meme from the depths of early 2017 right-wing Twitter, mocking the inevitably self-cannibalizing nature of social justice politics—Edmonton Pride 2019 has been cancelled because it isn’t progressive enough.

Unable to fully comply with the demands set forth by two opposing groups—RaricaNow and Shades of Colour Edmonton—the board of the Edmonton Pride Festival released a statement advising that the entirety of the LGBT-centric events, a tradition in the community since 1980, would be cancelled. According to the Edmonton Journal, two anonymous insiders advised that the decision was made because the demands being made by RaricaNow and Shades of Colour would “fundamentally change the structure and the mission of the society while jeopardizing its not-for-profit status.” And would they have ever.

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