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Eastern Canada’s catastrophic flooding to continue this weekend
Eastern Canada’s catastrophic flooding to continue this weekend
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Eastern Canada’s catastrophic flooding to continue this weekend 

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Canadians were surely expecting April showers, but to this extent?

Surely not.

The flooding situations across Eastern Canada has caught many off-guard, with an estimated 1,900 homes being affected in the Ottawa-Gatineau area alone. Homeowners are now being forced to leave their properties, as a state of emergency has been called.

According to CBC, Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson declared the state of emergency on Thursday due to flooding primarily from the Ottawa River.

Quebec’s Gatineau region, the West Island of Montreal, southern New Brunswick, and parts of Ontario have all been impacted by the weather. With the combination of melting snow and rain, the flooding situation looks to get worse before it gets better.

If there is one silver lining, it’s that there have been no casualties reported from the flooding. The property damage, on the other hand, is a serious matter of concern, with some landowners, particularly in New Brunswick, having to deal with double jeopardy, as they are not only dealing with this year, but damage from last year as well.

Sadly, Ottawa is projected to get more rain for April 26 and 27, with a potential for sleet on the 27. The emergency reads:

Rainfall amounts of 20 to 35 mm are expected.

Rain will continue today and tonight before ending early Saturday morning.

Flood messaging is in effect for much of Central and Eastern Ontario. For information concerning flooding, please consult your local Conservation Authority or Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry District office.

Although the forecast rainfall amounts have not changed, the Special Weather Statement has been upgraded to a Rainfall Warning due to the limited ability of the ground to reabsorb precipitation.

Thus the rainfall warning criterion being used is 25 mm or more in 24 hours or less.

This heavy rain is associated with a Texas Low that will track across Southern Ontario today.

What do you think of the rainfall? Do you believe man-made climate change has something to do with the extreme weather? Let us know in the comments below.

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