In a statement released today Justin Trudeau said that former Burnaby South Liberal candidate Karen Wang’s statements were “unacceptable”.

Wang got into political hot water earlier this week when it was revealed she tried to appeal to the ethnic sentiments of the large Chinese community in her riding. In a message on the social media app WeChat, Wang encouraged voters to rally behind her and not Jagmeet Singh because he’s of “Indian descent”.

She has since been disqualified from the Liberal party and is no longer a candidate in the byelection.

“The statement by our former candidate in Burnaby South was unacceptable and was not representative of the kinds of politics that I put forward, certainly the kinds of politics that our team focuses on,” said Justin Trudeau.

This is high and mighty from a Prime Minister who actively pursues identity politics and divides people based on ethnic groups.

In some ways, Trudeau’s backlash is keeping in character. For the Prime Minister, racists hide around every corner.

Somebody who is so paranoid about causing offense, it’s no surprise that eventually the culture he’s created will come back to bite him in the behind.

When our Prime Minister and his staff go around calling everybody and anybody racist, aided and abetted by the mainstream media, soon the accusation will start to hit closer to home.

“One understands that our diversity is one of our greatest strengths as a country. Those statements were not in keeping for what the liberal party stands for and that is why that individual is no longer part of our team,” continued Trudeau.

For Justin Trudeau, diversity is Canada’s greatest strength but not when somebody points it out apparently.

Perhaps it’s about time the Liberals became a victim of their own divisive politics.