Among firefighters, there’s a practice commonly known as a controlled burn or “back burning”. Back burning involves lighting a smaller fire before a large fire to drain it of fuel and oxygen.

Of course, this is a dangerous strategy that has the potential to disastrously fail, but sometimes it’s a risk worth taking.

SNC-Lavalin might just be the political equivalent of a controlled burn for the Liberal government, intended on distracting Canadians from the disaster taking place at our borders.

Each and every week, illegal migrants cross the US-Canada border into Quebec and Ontario without any solution in sight.

According to the Parliamentary Budget Officer, the cost of illegal border crossings for Canadian taxpayers will exceed $1.1 billion by this year.

According to the latest numbers, since Justin Trudeau’s “welcome to Canada” tweet in 2017, Canada has experienced a growth of over 40,000 illegal border crossings.

Canadians overwhelmingly agree that the border situation is at crisis levels. According to the Angus Reid Institute in 2018, two in three Canadians agree with the statement that the border situation is a “crisis”.

Before the SNC-Lavalin allegations broke in February, the 2019 election was looking to be an election about immigration. Up until now, the Liberals were banking on using the issue as a means to criticize the Conservatives, while the CPC was hoping to attack the Liberal handling of the border.

As early as January, 2019, Trudeau was accusing the Conservatives of using immigration to “fear-monger” despite the fact that his own Immigration Minsiter, Ahmed Hussen, had complained that Canada’s asylum backlog was “unsustainable”.

Now, suddenly because of an internal Liberal conflict, the election has apparently shifted gears. The issue at the center of the 2019 debates will be Liberal corruption and it might just be the party’s saving grace.

Up to this point, the Liberal scandal has largely been an inner-party scandal. Members of the Liberal cabinet have left, while other Liberal MPs have decided that they won’t be running for re-election.

If the Liberal Party is capable of controlling the narrative up until 2019, the Trudeau government might just walk away without answering for their mistakes.

The one thing that is certain, however, is that another four years of Justin Trudeau will do irreparable damage to Canada’s border and immigration system.